Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra


Unfortunately, the age, improper feeding and a lot of stress – there are the reasons the representatives of the stronger sex may have problems with potency. As time passed their sexual function is de declining. A lot of men think that the time has come and the past times are only dreams. However, this is very misleading, since the sexual function has to work up to an extreme age. Nowadays such drugs as Viagra and Levitra help return the former potency.

In addition to Viagra there is another medicine called Levitra. If you read the reviews about Levitra, you can see a lot of advantages and positive moments of this medication. It differs from Viagra that has a twelve hours effect. So, if you ever want to buy Levitra, you will be more confident to have sex even over a long period of time. In addition, the motivation to buy Levitra allows you to drink alcohol and eat fat food. As is well-known, while taking Viagra you should strictly comply with a diet and it is recommended to except alcohol beverages. As for contraindications, it is not recommended to take medication by underage persons and heart disease sufferers.

Key features:

  • can be prescribed for men of a certain age, diabetics and heart disease sufferers;
  • an effect does not depend on alcohol, fat foods can slow the absorption;
  • powerful erection during 10-12 hours (when Viagra taking – 3-4 hours);
  • soft tolerability;
  • active ingredient is Vardenafil, 20 mg.
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