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This article is primarily for men with the problems with potency of varying severity, as well as neglect of the case. Firstly, let’s see what it is, the problem with potency, and also discuss how to solve such problems for men in our country. After all, this climate is not easily tolerated by everybody, and as it is known, hot weather tires men, and leaves no strength for sex, and moreover, it does not benefit the already weakened potency. Also its loosening is connected with age, a wrong nutrition, bad habits, stress and other factors.

What an erectile dysfunction is?

Modern medicine uses a diagnosis such as “erectile dysfunction” to refer the disorders associated with a partial or complete loss of a man’s capacity to perform sexual intercourse. Previously, this sexual impotence was called “impotence”, it was considered as the natural age (as psychological and physiological) changes in the body.

This diagnosis (“impotence”) can be made only for men who have more than 25% of unsuccessful sexual acts . Often, with the presence of physical abnormalities, the libido of these patients is kept, what creates additional psychological problems. Modern medicine has reached such a level of its development, thanks to which the diagnosis allows us to identify erectile dysfunction (impotence) in the early stages and select adequate prevention. It gives a high chance of restoring the sexual capabilities of men after special therapy.

The main causes of the development of erectile dysfunction

As we’ve said, many harmful habits can also be attributed to the reasons contributing to the development of impotence (erectile dysfunction): smoking, drinking alcohol and harmful foods, as well as unprotected sex, frequent bathing, stress and etc. With fatty foods and alcoholic beverages, substances that contribute to the appearance of excess weight, an increase of the number of female hormones and a decrease of the male hormones fall into the body of the man, that leads not only to impotence, but also to infertility. If the man smokes, carbon monoxide enters to the body, which detains oxygen. Because of it, the blood vessels are clogged, mostly the thin vessels of the penis. As the consequence, there is a violation of the influx of blood to the penis and the erectile dysfunction develops. With unprotected sex with a new partner, a man risks to contract the diseases such as herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, HIV, syphilis, etc. These sexually transmitted diseases cause the narrowing of the urethra, impotence and infertility. The erection of a man is also greatly influenced by the temperature effect: when the scrotum overheats, the spermatozoa die. It should be taken into account by all lovers of the sauna.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

A weak erection is a common problem that does not allow partners to fully enjoy sexual intercourse. You should know that the main cause of erectile dysfunction is in the disruption of the blood vessels; the blood circulates poorly and enters the genital organ insufficiently. The main effect of drugs for potency – improving blood circulation, which contributes to achieving an excellent persistent erection. These pills can help in solving problems with potency, but they should not be carried away and, moreover, you shouldn’t use it without the doctor’s recommendations. Also these drugs do not harm the male reproductive system, its effect is manifested only with sexual arousal.

What are the remedies for the treatment of impotence?

At this stage, there are a lot of different medicines, the effect of which increases the sexual power of men. All of them will help you to return to a normal sexual life and will add self-confidence, as they eliminate not only the physiological components of erectile dysfunction, but also psychological ones. In the modern market of such medicines there are 3 main ones, which have been a kind of pioneers in the treatment of potency:



An effective tool against the impotence is the Viagra tablets. This medicine takes the first place by recognition in the list of tablets for potency. The remedy was created at the end of 1998, and it was then that the revolution in pharmacology began (the analogue of Viagra is Generic). The main substance of Australian Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate, that increases the blood flow to the genitals. As a result, a man has a good erection (only as an answer on sexual stimulation, involuntary erection is impossible). The desired effect occurs on average 30-60 minutes after taking pills and lasts for 4-6 hours.



Another good remedy for increasing potency is Cialis from Australia, it is included in the list of recommended medications. In 2012, it became the best-selling remedy for impotence and it is not surprising, in many aspects it is rather more effective than Viagra. The drug improves blood circulation in the pelvic region, increases the duration of the erection. The action of these tablets for potency comes after 20-40 minutes. In rare cases, tablets can not act immediately, but after a couple of hours, but it also depends on the characteristics of the human body itself. The drug has an impressive duration of action – 36 hours. It is not forbidden to combine the product with alcohol and food.



Generic Levitra is the third by popularity. These remedy begins to increase the potency in 20-30 minutes after using. The drug relaxes the muscles of the cavernous bodies in the genitals, which contributes to an improvement in the flow of blood. As a result, in the presence of a sexual pathogen there is a persistent erection, and the duration of the sexual intercourse increases by an average of 30%. The effect of the drug lasts an average 6 hours. Levitra in comparison with the above described analogs, is good in that it can be consumed together with fatty foods and alcohol. Also, men with diabetes and heart problems can not deny themselves in using of it and it has less side effects.

Generic is not always worse than the original

But the list of drugs that can help you, does not end there. There are a lot of different generics of these original medicines, which are sometimes even in several times cheaper, but have the same effect. Moreover, Indian pharmaceutical companies make very qualitative and unconditionally certified copies of drugs, not worse than “Pfizer“, therefore, don’t worry about buying a fake. So the main question is: “Why I should pay more, and indeed, for what? Just for the brand. ”

Running around pharmacies in the 21st century is not obligatory

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In conclusion, we would like to say that you need to save your health from a young age, and if you have noticed any minor erectile dysfunctions that don’t go away, that are systematic, immediately go to a doctor. Do not aggravate the situation and give the disease chance to develop and settle in your body. But if you, knowing so well, even at the beginning of your illness, that you should follow the advice given to you, but you have ignored them, then you can contact our online pharmacy. We will help you to forget about your problems with potency and begin to feel the pleasures of sex and life. Order tablets in our pharmacy and you will not regret about it.