Package Price Per pill Savings Order
50mg x 12 tablet AU$37.47 AU$3.12
50mg x 20 tablet AU$56.24 AU$2.81 AU$6.21
50mg x 32 tablet AU$80.01 AU$2.50 AU$19.91
50mg x 60 tablet AU$131.30 AU$2.19 AU$56.05
50mg x 92 tablet AU$187.60 AU$2.04 AU$99.67
50mg x 120 tablet AU$225.14 AU$1.88 AU$149.57
Package Price Per pill Savings Order
100mg x 12 tablet AU$44.98 AU$3.75
100mg x 20 tablet AU$62.49 AU$3.12 AU$12.47
100mg x 32 tablet AU$92.08 AU$2.88 AU$27.86
100mg x 60 tablet AU$157.58 AU$2.63 AU$67.31
100mg x 92 tablet AU$230.14 AU$2.50 AU$114.68
100mg x 120 tablet AU$285.19 AU$2.38 AU$164.58
100mg x 180 tablet AU$405.29 AU$2.25 AU$269.36
100mg x 272 tablet AU$575.44 AU$2.12 AU$444.04
100mg x 360 tablet AU$675.53 AU$1.88 AU$673.78

Sildenafil Citrate

Kamagra is considered to be one of the finest generic drugs of Viagra. Thanks to its consistently high quality own brand of drug has been established and entrenched on the market. If the drug containing sildenafil was developed and patented in the brand Viagra Pfizer, Ajanta Pharma Ltd (India) patented the medication having the same active ingredient by Kamagra brand.

A pill should be taken about 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. The medication will have effect in 20-40 minutes after taking, up to 4-6 hours. It is recommended to take medication on an empty stomach (do not eat within 2 hours), washed down with a glass of water. Kamagra has effect if a particular partner teases you. Do not take more than one pill per day

Key features:

  • a more affordable version, analogue of the original Viagra;
  • active ingredient is sidanafil citrate;
  • onset of action 40-50 minutes after taking;
  • 4-6 hours effect;
  • active ingredient is sidanafil citrate;
  • alcohol consumption is not recommended;
  • plentiful and fat food has adversely affect.
  • the use of sildenafil citrate, the same active ingredient as Viagra contains, approved by the FDA;