Levitra or Spedra. We will help you make the right choice

Every man, despite his status, always wants to be at his best and in everything, and if it comes to sexual relations with the opposite sex, then men try to be not just at their best, but better than others in all respects. That is why insufficient erection can affect a man and his own ego even at the age of 30. And here, medications that block an enzyme called PDE-5 can come to the rescue.

In today’s market there are many drugs to improve the quality of potency, and sometimes it is very difficult for men to make the right choice. This is especially difficult when you are trying to choose from several medicines you like. After analyzing many forums where men discuss drugs of this kind, we noticed that many of them are interested in the question: “which remedy is better – Levitra or Spedra?” If you read this article to the end, then you can easily determine the choice.

What is the essence of these medicines?

The main advantage of both Spedra and Levitra is that any man who takes at least one pill of this drug will feel a stable erection for several hours, but it is important to remember that this erection occurs only after the man’s natural, biological arousal. If there is no sexual stimulation, then the pill was taken in vain.


In general, the effectiveness of Spedra and its analogue, Levitra, is approximately 85 percent, which indicates a high degree of productivity of these drugs. But according to many reviews, Spedra is a better drug. This is because Avanafil (the main active component of Spedra) has been synthesized later than its competitors and when it has been released. All their shortcomings have been taken into account. 


If we talk about the correct dosages of the drug, then Spedra has a standard dosage of 100 mg of avanafil (50 mg and 200 mg are also on sale), and the dosage of Levitra is 20 mg (can also be found in pharmacies 10 mg and 40 mg of vardenafil). If the medicine is taken for the first time, it is recommended to halve the dosage.

Correct intake and approximate period of action of drugs

It should be said that Levitra begins its work much faster than Spedra – 25 minutes against half an hour. Of course, the difference of five minutes can be considered insignificant, but this is everyone’s business. There is also a small nuance – the effect of the drug may come later if you use it with food, especially if the food is thick and fat. Therefore, it is recommended to take the drug on an empty stomach. By active action, Spedra again loses – 6 hours against 12 hours that Levitra provides. If we talk about the compatibility of drugs with alcohol, then Spedra is recommended to be taken about one hour before drinking, while Levitra is compatible with alcohol.

Side effects

Levitra also has its own side effects, but they are individual. Common effects include redness of the face, slight dizziness and nasal congestion. The good news is that side effects were seen in only 3 percent of men, as well as in Spedra.

Spedra and Levitra are not drugs and are not addictive to either the active ingredients or the drugs themselves. Also, these drugs do not affect the overall level of hormonal levels.


If you don’t know what to choose for taking – Levitra or Spedra, then everything will depend on which of the criteria of medicines is the most important for you.

If you choose, relying on a safety criterion. It is important for you that it is more harmful than Levitra or Spedra, then you should prefer the first option. The same thing is with the speed, compatibility and duration of the effect. It turns out that in almost all parameters Levitra is better? This makes sense, especially in terms of security. The manufacturer claims that even if you use a small amount of alcohol, and then take a Levitra tablet, then nothing bad will happen.

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